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We’re Tony, Leslie and Stephen – just your average wanderlust-filled, adventure-seeking backpackers… but with 50 pounds (that’s 23 kg!) of professional camera equipment.”

We set out in early 2014 to pursue a life of travel, but wanted to share more than our tips and tricks and destination guides. We want to bring an authentic backpacking experience to you, and we’re doing that through high-quality, professional video content. Every location we visit will feature several short webisodes bringing you the sights, food, nature, culture and most of all, the people that make that destination so unique. We’ll showcase what makes a place famous (or the hidden treasures along the way), but also feature the stories behind the landmarks and the locals who live in their shadow.

And when you’re ready to book that trip, well, we’ve got all the resources and information for you to carry that through, too. Check us out at