Something strange occurred. Please contact the app owners. is an innovative online video travel guide project about the island of Naxos in Greece, developed by Greed Promo. Its aim is to capitalize on the dynamics of new technologies and multimedia, in order to present – through short, targeted videos – everything you need to know about the magical holiday destination of Naxos.
Naxos is the biggest island in the Cyclades complex and a “must visit” destination for travelers looking for a holiday break which combines natural beauties, culture, history, authentic tastes, as well as sports & activities alternatives. It is not without reason that water sport lovers (windsurfers, kite surfers and so on) are the most true fans of Naxos island!
The natural beauties, the sandy beaches with crystal clear blue water, the picturesque villages scattered across the mountainous areas of the island, the numerous sightseeing options, the archeological monuments and the cultural wealth of Naxos unravel through the short, targeted videos which -we hope- succeed in giving you the real “Naxos experience”.
Created by Greed Promo Productions