YouTube responded with an error: The request cannot be completed because you have exceeded your <a href="/youtube/v3/getting-started#quota">quota</a>. presents travel videos about Europe, South America, USA and Asia. They are entertaining and educational, helping you plan a trip and get the most out of your travels. We have made over 1000 short movies about Italy, France, Switzerland, England and many other places, including Germany, Prague, Budapest, Spain and Scandinavia.
Our travel movies are created by Dennis Callan, who has been shooting video and leading tours for 25 years. “Travel got in my blood as a kid,” he says, “living in Ohio, New York, London, California, then back to New York, all in my first seven years.” “I’ve led 65 tours to Europe, and dozens more to the Americas, Egypt and Asia, and have been fortunate to share these adventures with the world with my movies,” he says. After graduation from Brown University in 1967 he moved to Hawaii where he has been living ever since, conducting 3 or 4 tours annually to favorite places, which he photographs and then turns into YouTube sensations.